A look back. I am a Dem and I voted for Trump. Let’s talk about it… #DemExit
Adam Townsend

I agree with everything except the last two points.

The solution to creating more and better jobs is not more government, itsless.

So far from the truth. The largest sustained period of economic growth ever seen anywhere on the planet was from FDR’s New Deal until Regan. During that time the top tax rate never went below 70%. Big government was the only thing powerful enough to redistribute income and that redistribution created our thriving middle class. When middle class people have money, they spend it. Rich people don’t. A good measure of how efficient the economy is velocity of money. It measures how many times any one dollar is used for a set time. The more it’s re-used the better the economy. inequality destroyed it.

And no, inequality (at this scale) is not inevitable, nor is it a result of technology or globalization. It was deliberate policy choices.

All of human history is best understood as a struggle between the elites and everyone else. The people with money and power would like everyone to believe we live in a meritocracy, where everyone has the ability to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. But just because a handful of people manage to do this does not make it possible for everyone. The OECD tracks social mobility, and the US does horribly.

As an employer, Trump understands how onerous the government and its compliance and regulatory structures have become. Washington has led an assault on business.

Some are, but its more that they are unevenly regulated because big companies can buy their way into changing regulations.

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