On the Ethics of Dumpsterfires
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

It helps when you know why the dumpster is on fire and just who lit it. As a fellow 2008 grad this resonates with me; and it should the evidence of generational scarring is well documented. The frustration is economic, and it’s not some accident of globalization plowing into technology. It was deliberate policy choices that have gone to benefit the rich.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s America was much more egalitarian. Then Neoliberalism. Ronald Reagan fucked shit up with supply side economics and it’s like some good H that the 1% are intent on OD-ing with.

Neoliberalism doesn’t do anything but create piles of wealth at the top. You can’t push a string, you can’t talk someone already in deep debt into borrowing more to invest, you can’t convince someone to invest in production if it’s clear there are not enough people who can afford the product. And if you really want to encourage removal of profits from a company, as opposed to reinvestment, drop the top tax rate for the mega rich from 70% to something pathetic like 30% so they barely think twice about it.

Then lets toss the rule book because markets are the magic bullet to stop greed and corruption that that we’ve been waiting for. Wow this model did not predict all those poor people becoming debt slaves, it must be a market distortion; cancel welfare! Let the minimum wage deflate past meaning! Because we live in the USA where the American Dream is a fairy tale rich people tell themselves to feel better. And the rich are the only people heartless enough exhibit rational choice theory as they bribe politicians to bend the rules in their favor and entrench the status quo to the point where voting is meaningless.

When I read your piece after Albright-Steinem-Gate I didn’t know the term, but Neoliberal Feminism is spot on. After Bernie not winning I put the odds of the a US becoming fascist at about 80% and despite media telling me trump is fascist, that number is high because I bet Clinton will win. I don’t think Trump cares much about anything but himself and gladly played the part of “Ideal candidate for GOP base” and even surprised himself at his success. It did, however, blaze a trail for a more dogmatic fascist to beat the pant suit of Hillarys neoliberal ass in 2020. Since I don’t want either of them to be successful, and it’s clear from the press coverage of Clinton lately that they will treat her with kid gloves and let her literally get away with murder; I’ll vote for the orange one. But, at least I’m not alone.