Move the fuck over baby boomers.

Well it’s your generation of assholes that decided to vote for the moron who thought tax cuts + 2 infinitely long wars ==== profit? Or that other idiot before him who thought that wall street deregulation was a swell Idea because really, rich people shouldn’t have deal with all those pesky laws. This pathetic oligarchy masquerading as a democracy needs a revolution.

Washington is so completely corrupt that no one votes anymore. We haven’t had voter turnout reach 60% of eligible voters since the 60’s. The Republican party might as well be a wholly owned subsidiary of the fossil fuel industry. Resulting in Climate disasters that we are just beginning to feel. The neo-liberal dems haven’t done much better; bailing out wall street and not jailing anyone for the recession. Passing a half ass heathcare bill that is nothing but a hand out to the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. When EVERY other major country gets better outcomes for a fraction of the cost with single payer.

Your generation’s greed based mutilated capitalism has just about brought this country and the entire planet to it;s knees. Hurry up and die already so we can start fixing it.


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