Centrism is Dead. Time to Rebuild the Left.
Tyler Norris

So after doing everything possible to shut out the left from any meaningful power since the 80’s the neoliberals realised that Wall Street did in fact want something for all the money they donated. They wanted to make sure Obama came hat in hand to them after they blew up they economy, bailed them out, and then “Foamed the Runway” for the banks with the rest of the hard working Americans with underwater mortgages that voted for him.

Not to mention all the ‘centrists’ that sat idly by as black kids got shot by police, and the deporter in chief broke records getting immigrants tossed south. But Obama didn’t stop there, he offered a grand bargain and tons of other austerity measures, and sat on his hands while the mortgage debt bubble got rolled over into a non dischargeable student debt bubble. Something which ought to make my fellow millennials curse Joe Biden's name. Lets not forget the countless drones bombings of 8ish muslim countries keeping us at war for more than half my life and ensuring a steady supply of new terrorists.

And who could forget the hellscape that is the ACA, making sure that the people who just miss the medicaid cutoff have to pay through the nose for a narrow network, high deductible plan while they watch poorer people get free care just so that single payer would stay off the table. Oh, and the ineffectualness of his climate change policy.

Bernie was the last ray of hope I had for my life being not completely miserable, but you ‘centrists’ assured the country that Wall Street’s favorite War Monger was a shoe in. It’s a wonder that a coalition of Lena Dunham, Goldman Sachs, and Henry Kissinger couldn’t pull it out in the end.

This is the only country in the world where Democrats wouldn’t be called hard core conservatives.

I have never regretted voting for someone so much in my life. I had my life decimated by the recession. I will never be able to afford to pay off my student loans, get married, buy a house, or have kids. Thanks Obama.

You want to make nice and build the party? Start by making sure that no one who ever runs for office with a D next to their name, gets any donations from anyone with a 9 digit bank account. At this point I have absolutely nothing left to lose. If we are going to have to right wing parties I’ll be eagerly counting the days till the American Experiment officially fails Which shouldn’t be long.

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