The American Dream — Woke

The United States is no longer the land of the free. It is the land of the corrupt. News outlets have stopped even trying to cover news. They have become so desperate for ratings that facts have become irrelevant and spin and horserace polls are the pinnacle of reporting. Propaganda has completely won out over substance. Reporters used to give a voice to the voiceless, they have completely devolved into a megaphone and echo chamber for the powerful. It used to be considered scandalous to receive funding from big moneyed interests. Now you can regularly hear journalists praising Hillary Clinton for nabbing another billionaire donor seemingly oblivious to the blatantly obvious conclusion that said billionaire may want a small favor, or know someone who would be perfect for position X when it opens up. Too bad that those favors and the people in those positions end up making rich people richer and screwing over everyone else in the process.

This country was founded as a representative Democracy. For decades now, the only people represented are people with millions of dollars and Limited Liability Corpeople. Every fight in congress can be reduced to two sets of millionaires fighting over which one will get the latest round of benefits for themselves at the expense of the poor. Anyone who would call themselves a proud American should get their head checked.

Too many supposed Feminists gleefully reverted to 2nd wave so they could support the first woman president while she murders millions of black and brown children from other countries and called everyone who objected to that violent misogynists. Numerous African American leaders offered up their constituents like lambs to a slaughter; begging that they vote for the singular married couple that has done more damage to black families, by ensuring poverty and imprisoned, than any other in the last 40 years. The beltway narrative that this year is just a fluke rather than a triumph of propaganda is jaw dropping in its obliviousness.

There is an entire generation that has given up hope that they have a future worth living. Forced into student loans because they thought that’s what everyone did, only to find out that tuition costs have been rising about 300% every 15 years. The scorn from people who remember working their way through college and think this generation is all just self-indulgent doesn’t help. For some reason there is confusion over why #millennials are more likely to move back in with their parents, not buy a car, not buy a house, put off marriage, and put off kids. Try and imagine working really hard, taking out tons of loans, and then graduating just in time for the economy to fall off a cliff leaving you with no job prospects and if you do finally find one it pays much less than you expected when you signed up for loans. If that is the best the world’s most notorious democracy can offer it is no wonder that 1 in 4 millennials think democracy is a bad way to run a country and why so few bother voting.

The government’s current policy of creating unemployment as a safeguard against inflation is morally bankrupt as well as fiscally irresponsible. Telling 5% of the workforce they are worthless because they can’t find a job while actively making jobs for them impossible just so that other employers don’t have to pay their workers more is a big FU from the businessmen that own our politicians to everyone else.

The American Dream is a fairytale rich people tell themselves to justify the misery they inflict on the poor.