I welcome insults from reactionaries like Caitlin Johnstone
Ben Norton

These people are the enemy; they, just like Trump himself (whom they lionize), are the grotesque embodiment of the very system we are fighting — capitalism, imperialism, white supremacy, and patriarchy.
There is nothing “anti-establishment” about any of these far-right figures. They love the “establishment”; they just want it to be even more brutal, and less restrained, in its capitalist, imperialist, white supremacist, and patriarchal violence.

They, are like Trump yet not at all anti-establishment? Tell that to just about anyone who watched this last election.

What leftism needs is to isolate itself and purify its ranks so that it’s wondrousness will just be so complete it will be automatically given power to enact its agenda. We need to approach people that disagree with us by mocking them and calling them racists and white supremacists; which will automatically make them see the error of their ways and change…. or at least admit defeat and stop pushing their bad ideas…. or just cease interacting with POC so their hate doesn’t get expressed…. or just get rounded up and put into reeducation camps.

The left has a wonderful ability to talk to people that already agree with them and absolutely no fucking capacity to deal with anyone else. Even suggesting we communicate with anyone else gets you labeled as a collaborator with atrocity. You need a reality check. If the left does get to power it won’t be by declaring war on people with opposing views. There is literally no way anything good comes from treating half the country like they are the enemy. It’s time to grow up and treat the other side like the people who have been beaten up and spat on by the oligarchy that they are. You don’t have to agree with them but you do have to empathise with them. If you don’t know where they are coming from how do you expect to show them that your vision for the future is one that they should want to participate in?

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