The Case For Making Hillary Clinton President — And Not Mike Pence — After Trump Is Impeached
Allan Ishac

You are quite literally everything wrong with this country. Your rationale for disliking Trump seems to be just about everything Clinton campaigned on; he is a big mean scary racist misogynist. Which is exactly why she lost in the first place. Russia didn’t hack the election. Trump isn’t going anywhere because there is nothing illegal about talking to people from Russia, even if you reallllllly don’t like that person. There is absolutely no way in hell Clinton gets to assume the office if Trump leaves unless you think the GOP is going to just say ‘hey, that's a great idea; let's amend the constitution’.

5 real reasons to support Trump.

1. Clinton was absolutely awful too, she would not have been able to accomplish anything that Obama couldn’t have already done, having her in the Whitehouse for midterms would guarantee that the democrats would get gerrymandered out of the house for the next decade and probably give the GOP a super majority in the senate.

2. Four more years out of power would have let the far right become even more outrageous and deranged just in time for them to nominate Ted Cruz who would beat the pant suit off of Clinton and give Cruz (or whoever) a supermajority to literally bring us back to the Stone Age.

3. The Trump show draws so much attention that it makes it next to impossible for the GOP to actually accomplish as much as they would have under a different president. Impeaching him to get Pence would be SO stupid.

4. Trump was far more sane on foreign policy (in his campaign at least). Clinton was literally promising war with Russia because she is a neocon. Russia has a lot of nukes and poking the Bare is quite possibly world ending. Of course her parting gift of blaming her incompetence of ignoring the rust belt on Putin has made the NeoCon Times and the WarCriminal Post push for endless stupid war with nuclear armed states anyways.

5. There is a small chance in hell that the Democrats might get a clue that if they keep Wall Street and Corporate America in their big tent they will get lots of money to buy ads but not be able to offer any material benefits to actual working people. There is a reason the white working class has been leaving the party in droves, and it isn’t just because every single liberal within range of a microphone calls them a racist deplorable. The democrats let Wall Street off the hook for the great recession that destroyed countless lives, they have been pushing bad trade deals that make it impossible for workers here to negotiate better pay, and they have been asleep at the wheel when it comes to monopolies allowing Amazon and Wal Mart to kill off every small business in this country. The GOP isn’t any better on any of those issues but when you have a system that makes 3rd parties impossible and two parties that only care about rich people and big business everyone else suffers because the only thing that the parties fight about is identity politics; they agree on making life even harder for people trying to scrape by.

If Democrats can’t get their shit together, kick the corporate Clinton/Obama wing out of the party and get back to New Deal policies then sooner or later the GOP will realize that the national debt became irrelevant the second we left the gold standard and go on a spending spree that will make them very popular. If they spend most of it on the military, which is rather likely, that would be fascism. Luckily they are very tied to their national debt nonsense, but an emergency could change things.

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