My Experience at AMAL Academy

Amal Academy is Stanford University-funded venture that helps Pakistani youth develop the professional skills needed to achieve their career dreams. After an intense application, a phone interview, and a selection conference, I was accepted as one of the 35 selected fellows in batch 12. I had no idea how much I would learn from my experience with the organization in the coming months. Half-way through my fellowship, the diverse people, motivational lectures, leadership training, and lessons in risk-taking and humbleness continue to inspire my journey at Amal.

Diverse People


I never imagined the extent of the diversity of the fellows. I am fascinated by where they come from, what they are doing and what they strive to do.

Take Shehzad, Shafiq, Zohaib, Ayesha and some other fellows. They are graduated in Engineering. Some fellows from banking and finance sector named as Iram, Namra, Abu Bakar, Amir and Fahad. Some fellows doing research work like Raheela and Qurat ul Ain in the field of Microbiology and Psychology respectively and other fellows from different fields.

All this diversity made me able to learn not only new things on daily basis but also increased my knowledge about different fields by way of group discussions we had at Amal Academy.

Leadership Training

As I am a graduate in business field and to have a splendid career in business field requires me to have sufficient skills as leadership, Communication, and teamwork. Amal Academy helped me a lot in acquiring these skills.

Amal teaches us leadership through a concept of every day leadership and also by bringing in world-class leaders lectures while simultaneously teaching us to be honest at what we do. The TED talks on leadership and online leadership course really helps us to understand the concept in depth.

Career Development

Before joining Amal I was among many other people in Pakistan who are unable to identify the key difference between Career, Job and Hobby. Amal helps its fellows to identify the key difference between these three and to pursue their career dreams accordingly.

Team Work

By assigning different project works in groups, Amal helps its fellows to learn coordination and team work which are basic skills needed anywhere in the world.


Amal Academy helped me learning the professional behavior before I joined any professional body. It focuses on reaching on time in all the sessions (otherwise you’ll get some little penalty). Submitting the project works on time, coordinating with team members and business writing techniques are the different tools used to build professionalism in the fellows.

Being Humble

Moral Imagination, described as “The humility to see the world as it is, and the audacity to imagine the world as it could be”.

While it is easy to identify good over evil, it is challenging to be aware of suffering of others with the wish to relieve it. I like to think that I have been on both sides of the fence: the one who needed help and inspiration, and now, the one who is trying to give back and inspire others. Without humbleness, it is hard to imagine that I could have made it this far.

Extra Curricular Activities


Amal says “All of us get really busy in our daily routines, exams, work and forgot to take time out for ourselves and notice other things in life”. So it helps us to find a balance between work and taking time out for ourselves. Some lunch plans, cricket plan and a tour were also the part of our journey at Amal Academy.

Best Facilitators

And finally the most important thing at any academy is that you may get best facilitators. At Amal we were so lucky to have great Program Manager (Sir Hisham) and Program Associate ( Ma’am Jawaria )who were not only available for the in class sessions but any time we could contact them and even after the fellowship they are available to guide us.

Hisham is a #Fulbright (MA) scholar from Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey and has a BS from the University of London. Being one of the founding members of Jinnah Institute, Hisham has also been selected as a scholar for the Intercultural Management Institute at American University’s Certificate Program in “#Social_Entrepreneurship.”

Jawaria brings research expertise through her background developing e-learning courses on a USAID Pakistan program at #LUMS.

Thank you so much Amal and Thank you so much Sir Benje Williams. We are very lucky to have you in Pakistan. Your work for Pakistani youth would never be forgotten inshaALLAH.