My Experience of In person Drop

In this competitive world finding a job for the fresh graduates has become very difficult task. One have to go extra mile in order to have a job offer specially from its dream company.
 I was searching a job for the post of underwriter at Alfalah Insurance Company. I made an effort for going extra mile and had a thorough research about the company to know about company and job role. I also putted my effort to get the names of HR professionals. One important thing was that I was able to find the name of receptionist from my circle. I customized my resume and prepared a cover letter for that post in Alfalah Insurance Company and planned to visit the company for in person drop. As I step in and met the receptionist I had a greeting with him and called his name while handshake. He was happy. I asked him that I want to meet Mr. Faisal Arshad who is hiring people for underwriter post. He took me to his office and I had a great time with Mr. Faisal Arshad. He was impressed by my cover letter and told me that he will contact me when the recruitment procedure will start. At the end I forgot to get his email id that was even not available on company’s website. I was much disappointed that now I’ll not be able to send him the thank you email. But I finally found his email on linked in. I took his email and sent him a thank you mail.
 I learnt that people feel much important when we call them by their names. The managers are also impressed by your effort when we go extra mile.
 Challenges I faced were somehow about searching the names of the HR team at company’s website. But overall that was a great experience.
 Now I am very much optimistic about getting news about interview from Alfalah Insurance Company.

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