Story of My Mentor

My all time favorite mentor is my Dad. He has been my role model since my childhood. There are many reasons about why he is my mentor. Most of the time people like there parents or love there parents because parents care for their children and they love their children. Beyond these two basic reason for everyone to love their fathers I have many other reasons to love my father and having him as my mentor.

My Father started his practical life before hi completed his education at middle level. Family circumstances do not allow him to continue his education and he started working at a shop as an helper. He started supporting his family even when he was a child and then after marriage he left his village and came to Lahore for better life.

In Lahore he started from zero and did many jobs to survive and help his wife (my mother). At the start they both were having only one time meal in 24 hours but he continued to work hard and did not lose hope. Now after 26 years of his marriage life his children are living a splendid life. But behind this there is a great story of struggle and hard work.

His commitment, struggle, hard work, consistency are the things why he is my mentor. I want myself to work very hard as my father did in whole of his life. I have lesson from his life that we should sacrifice small desires and focus on long term goals. He also said that never try to do wrong to anyone and never allow anyone to do wrong with you. Be soft and at the same time be hard enough to fight against the cruel world.

Though I cannot give any reward for his excellence but someday I want to do something big, something very big for him. He is my love.

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