24 Hours of Kindness

The modern world has made us so much busy that it seems like we were sent to the world just for ourselves. Just to eat drink, grow and then die one day by doing nothing for the humanity. But in reality the God has sent us to the world on His behalf. We the human beings are expected to manage the affairs of the earth in the most possible efficient manners. Let take a breath and think how can we manage the affairs of all of the earth by just focusing on ourselves? We are not only expected to live for ourselves but to help others through their living.
 To experience “how much kindness costs us?” I decided to work for the humanity in my next 24 hours and dedicated all of my next 24 hours to kindness. As I came out of my home my neighbor was struggling with his car and he was definitely looking for some help. I helped him in pushing the car and finally the car was started and he was very much thankful to me because he was getting late from his office. He offered me to share the ride to the bus stop, I accepted that at once. At bus stop I found a family from Mirpur a city nearby Kashmir. They were lost in Lahore and were asking someone to tell them the right path. I went to them and explained the whole path in detail to their destination in Lahore. In University when I was working in computer lab on my weekly project the boy sitting next to me was struggling in writing something on the Microsoft Word. I helped him in completion of his task. While coming back from University I decided to visit one my dearest friend Naveed. As I reached his home and he came out of his home we heard a voice that someone was crying badly. We entered his neighbor’s home to check is there was any problem. We were shocked to see there was a person who was just fell down from the stairs. As there were no other men in their home at that time so I asked my friend to take him to the hospital. We gave him some first aid and then took him to hospital and waited there until his friends and other family members reached hospital. They were very much afraid of the situation. I explained them there is not a serious problem and briefed them with his condition and then me and Naveed left for Naveed’s home. On our way to home we found an old lady on the road who was struggling to cross the road. I helped her to cross the road. That day of mine ended with a different feeling that I was not that much tired today and was also feeling so much relaxed.
 So as expected I found the result that helping others or showing acts of kindness does not cost as anything but in fact gives us a lot more which we can’t buy with the money.

We Rise by Lifting Others.
 (Robert Ingersoll)