Reuters / Eduardo Muñoz

September 11th is tomorrow…

It was a time when evil, greed, hatred saw no skin color, ethnicity or upbringing. What that day saw was merely the ability to create destruction.

What makes that day so perplexing is that on the worst day in American history, this country reached the pinnacle of its national unity. First responders of all shapes and sizes rushed to the side of thousands, as chaos consumed the country. The blood of those picking others up off the streets, heroism literally seeping into the concrete quite floors all over NYC, in the midst of what could have been the perfect time to turn on each other, seek selfishness and run for safety.

I personally believe that we have not seen unity and love, even remotely resembling this kind, since that time. This made me think — well, how ironic.

Do we want to live in a world where it takes epidemics, destruction and catastrophe to stop judging each other by what we see on the outside rather than the character of oneself. I pray still that events like 9/11 are not what it takes to reach that level of love.

As Americans and humans, we are, or at the least should aspire to be, better than that.

I couldn’t list the amount of horrid things going on in this world because doing so would make me sick. I hear time and time again that this world has not been better in history than it is today — simply look at advances in medicine, technology, social improvements, etc. And yet, I could not disagree more.

Sure, we have all those things, but our world has reached levels of narcissism never before seen, truly unfazed by the horrid lives of our fellow neighbors. Everyday we walk by people in need. People hurting or homeless, and we look at them as a completely different species.

Many times we worry about the causes, programs, and people that directly affect our day to day, rather then the fact that everyone out there searches for the same things, to be love, fullfilled and secure. Heck, The Black Eyed Peas had to remake a song because they were confused about where the love went, like we all should be.

Here is a challenge for us all, the challenge presented to us 15 years ago. To find something that is challenging someone else today and try relieving them of their pain, discomfort, or unfortunate circumstance.

Let’s pick each other off the ground like we did on that faithful day 15 years ago. What September 11th proved to us was that out of evil, pain and death, we can find unity and love.

God bless the world and may God bless the United States of America.

Your Brother,

Mina Salib