3 Tips for Telling Your Young Child About Divorce

According to the American Psychological Association, 40 to 50% of American marriages end in divorce. The process of divorce is difficult for everyone involved, especially young children. They may feel like their entire life has bee upset and that things will never be normal again. Here are some tips you can use to make the divorce less painful for them.

Make sure your kids know the divorce isn’t about them.

You can never tell your children enough times that the divorce isn’t their fault. It’s very common for children to feel like they played a role in their parents splitting up. A child should never have to feel like they’re to blame for their parent’s divorce. This can cause a lot of stress, sadness and feelings of hopelessness for the child.

Talk to your kids and make sure they know that both you and their other parent love them very much. Let them know that they didn’t do anything wrong and that the divorce is happening because of adult disagreements. Make sure they understand that your family is going to be okay even after this painful event.

Don’t talk down your ex-spouse in front of your kids.

Making your kids listen to rants about how you can’t stand their other parent will only stress them out and make them confused. Keep those kinds of discussions between you and your Utah divorce attorney. It might be hard, but while you’re around your kids, refrain from talking down their other parent. Disagreements between you and your ex should be kept between adults.

The odds are that your kid probably likes their other parent. It’s not going to benefit your child in any way to see someone they love portrayed as a bad person. Do your best to let them form their own opinions about their other parent. Try to not let your feelings influence them.

Allow your children to talk about their feelings.

Divorce can cause a lot of complicated feelings for children. They might not fully understand why it’s happening and they might come up with all sorts of ideas about the divorce on their own. It’s important to discuss these ideas as a family so they don’t get carried away with upsetting thoughts that might not even be true.

It’s important for children to discuss their feelings rather than bottle them up inside. Talking about feelings is often the first step towards healing for both children and adults.

It may seem like your family will never be the same. You may wonder if things will ever be as good as they once were. Here at the Law Office of David Pedrazas, PLLC we can help your family through this difficult time. Call us today for guidance with your divorce. As an experienced Utah divorce attorney, I will do everything in my power to bring peace to your family and help you through this difficult time.

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