Are the Primaries fair?

As we have moved to critical phase of the election accusations are flying around on both sides in this crazy election cycle. Trump is fumed at how Ted Cruz is able to acquire delegates using the same process that was designed to derail candidates like him. On the Democratic side Sanders is not so happy about closed primaries where Independent voters do not get to participate.

Is it unfair? Well it depends on who you root for. You could argue for both. What should be the process? Allowing independents to have a say in all the states? Delegate allocation should be proportional to number of votes on all states? It is a tough call. I am going to speak for the devil. I do think both RNC and DNC should have tight leash on the process. Reason is once in a while you stumble into candidates who can polarize people effectively with unrealistic or crazy rhetoric. It is easy for them to slip through the primary. So each party should have some process in place to keep them on a tight leash. I am not denying will of the people should be denied. But it should not be treated as gold standard. Majority of the control should be in the hands of Party. Electability factor should be ultimately determined by party members.

Second issue is allowing independents to vote in all states. Again this is a party process. In this case Sanders had to become a democrat to draw wider appeal. So it is only fair independents who support him , becoming a democrat for the primary. You cannot be an independent voter, and also want to be part of the election process within the party. Technically they don’t even need primaries to pick a candidate. It serves only as a gauge . Unless the insurgent candidate is convincing, party reserves the right to reject them.

In many democratic countries there is no such thing as primary. So we should stop complaining about primary process.