Bringing AngelList to India

I am excited to announce that I am advising AngelList, the world’s largest marketplace for startup investing and recruiting. I will primarily be responsible for bringing syndicates to India. Syndicates allow experienced technology investors to create a single investment VC fund that raises money from institutions and sophisticated angel investors.

My role will consist of opening dialogue with government officials and regulators with suggestions that’ll benefit startups and investors in India. I’ll map out the Indian regulatory framework so AngelList can come in with their pop-up VC structure that enables venture investing online at scale.

What I really love about AngelList is that they strongly advocate the power of individuals to do great things — both, inside and outside the company. Internally, they promote self-management to gain maximum effectiveness from the individual and the team. Externally, AngelList empowers top founders, investors and institutions to work their magic closing deals, hiring talent and raising funds.

I am excited to be coached by Silicon Valley’s sharpest minds in venture investing and leverage their decades of know-how to advance the startup ecosystem in India. Also, this marks a chance for global investors to participate in India’s most promising opportunities.

About AngelList


  • $360 million raised online for over 1000 startups
  • CSC Upshot = $400m seed fund powered on AngelList (largest seed fund in the world)
  • 170 active syndicates


  • 16,000 companies recruiting
  • 40,000 new candidates added each month
  • Over 10,000 hires to date

*List of people to thank in this acknowledgement is endless but I will start somewhere — the awesome people I have had the pleasure of interacting with at AngelList thus far (Jake, Kyan, Victor, Kevin, Graham, Nivi, Natalie and of course Naval), few of their friends — who I am envious of because of the fact that they get to see the Indian ecosystem play out from their courtside seats, and few of my close mentors & friends who vouched for my ability to deliver (Ritesh, Pankaj, Soaib, Bikky, Dhruvil, Manish, Shailesh, Gaurav). Looking forward to maintaining these friendships closely!