Into the wild

All I ever wanted was to walk into the wild and be with nature and meet a like-minded person. How it all started?

I had never thought I would find a nostalgia from a movie. The nostalgia which I never knew I longed for… which I never knew I was looking for. I found it from the movie which I randomly watched during my summer vacation…

Bored with my sleepy little hometown and teaching days, I headed for India in the name of pursuing a master degree. My life in India was surreal which was a surprise as I had gone there with no imaginations and expectations.

For a girl who was from the coldest country in the world, Indian tropical climate was too much of a surprise. So spending two years in extreme hot climate gave me only one question: How to escape the burning heat? Answer was not to leave the country, of course (when I start something, I always feel I should finish it). So I answered this question like this: Well, I should spend my time indoor, erm… maybe watching some movies. Since I could not make it snow, Why not?

So I caged myself in my room when it reached unbearable hot like +50 celsius. So I started. I did not care what the movies were about whether it sucked or made me cry.

From “Into the Wild”, a story of an idealistic young man with whom I have so much in common, I found what I needed: freedom and nature. Who doesn’t like freedom and nature after all?

Over the years, I re-watched it hundreds of times and haunted by Chris and Alaskan wilderness.

“Into the Wild” did make me cry just because it was so beautiful and I even downloaded all soundtracks.

Road to a haunting dream (Photo credit Uuriin)

Four years later I walked into the wild. As I was looking at the foggy shore of Bering Sea, I wished I could have bumped into Chris in exact this place and had a chat with him. My memory tells me that the Bering Sea was the very west Chris might have stepped on.

A small and silent town lays on the western shore of Alaska. The town seemed too silent to be exciting and too sad to stay longer. The weather seemed dull and gloomy which made me dull and gloomy, too. I could not tell it was weather or the absence of the most interesting human being.

It felt paradoxical…

I got back into the car and headed for the city.

I wished I could time travel.

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