6 Examples Where Advertising Innovates By Using Cutting Edge Technology

Uwe Eisenbeis
Oct 23, 2014 · 2 min read

In the context of my preparation for the media management classes (at Stuttgart Media University), I gathered a list of six great examples where out of home advertising, outdoor and even mailing advertising meets cutting edge technology.

Pepsi Max — Unbelivable Bus Shelter

PepsiCo showcased the possibilities of augmented reality by inviting waiting passengers at the busy London bus shelter on New Oxford Street to witness a number of unbelievable street screen scenarios.


Read more at jcdecaux.co.uk and businessinsider.com

Apotek Hjärtat — Blowing In The Wind

At the subway station in Stockholm, the pharmacy Apotek Hjärtat (The Heart Pharmacy) blows life into a digital screen. Sensors recognize a train’s arrival and the filmclip on the screen changed “by the airstream of the train” … into a hair blowing in the wind scene.


Read more at adeevee.com

British Airways — Magic Of Flying

The world’s first billboards that reacted to BA planes flying overhead: British Airways and OgilvyOne transformed digital billboard into a great interactive ad. On the billboards a child moved and pointed to the planes (arriving or departing London Heathrow) flying at the sky above the billboard. Also at the billboard — a text that announced where the plan was coming from or departing to.


Read more at fastcreate.com

Nike — Social Media Treasure Hunt

Nike sets up a vending machine in various spots around NYC, with Twitter hints leading people to its “secret” locations. The machine only accepts Fuelpoints as payment.

Screenshot: http://www.fastcocreate.com/3033577/forget-bitcoin-this-nike-vending-machine-makes-hard-earned-sweat-the-newest-currency?partner=rss

Read more at fastcocreate.com

Audi A8 Test Drive Cube — The Countdown Is On

Selected customers received a beautiful designed 11x11x11-centimere cube, the so called Test Drive Cube with integrated GPS and GSM transmitters, a LCS display and a start/stop button at the top of the cube. After pushing the start/stop button, a 90 minutes countdown starts and an Audi A8 must be delivered to the customer for a 24h test drive in exactly 90 minutes.


Read more at audi.com

Kontor — The Office Turntable

Have you ever played a vinyl with an iPhone? I assume this was “analogue fun with a digital device”.


Read more at nhb.de

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