Virtual Reality — After 20 Years … Entering The Next Phase …

Uwe Eisenbeis
Oct 23, 2014 · 1 min read

It all started in 1984 with Gibson’s novel Neuromancer and in 1991 a book by Rheinglod coined the term Virtual Reality.
Virtual Reality enters the cinemas 1991 with The Lawnmover Man (named after a Stephen King’s short story), 1994 with Michael Douglas (using a virtual reality demonstration machine with data helmet and data glove) in the movie Disclosure and Strange Days (Ralph Fiennes) in 1995 to reach the absolute highlight with the Matrix Trilogy around the millennium.

And now …

“There’s never been a more interesting time to discuss the implications of a technology that could trick us into thinking its world is real.” (Adi Robertson)

Worth reading: “Virtual Reality Panic — Have we learned anything from the VR freakout that happened over 20 years ago?” by Adi Robertson at The Verge.



    Uwe Eisenbeis

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    Professor for Media Management and Economics

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