xyzonomics – are there really new economic theories for the digital economy?

Uwe Eisenbeis
Oct 23, 2014 · 1 min read

This year’s master class in media economics (electronic media master) at the Stuttgart Media University will cover all the new approaches researchers, consultants, web practitioners and online philosophes derived during the last ten years – reflecting the developments of the web, as we know it today.

From wikinomics to socialnomics all the way down to freeconomics and shareconomics – just to mention a few of them – it seems that there are a lot of topics to discover.

All these new approaches will be grounded and reflected against the background of the well established theories and concepts in the field of media economics like the information and network economy as well as the new institutional theories (transaction cost theory, property rights theory, principal agent theory).

We are all curious how all those xyzonomics will fit into the overall field of media economics.

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    Uwe Eisenbeis

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