After many months spent indoors, surrounded by all of our stuff, spring offers us a chance to let go of the old and start fresh. It also signals that it’s time for spring cleaning, which we’ve traditionally defined as a deep cleaning for our houses or apartments. But why not try something new this year, like expanding our spring cleaning beyond just our homes? Instead, let’s include every part of our lives — like our minds, bodies, relationships, as well as our homes and offices. How’s that for self-care?

Research has shown the positive effects of decluttering both physically and…

Close your eyes and picture yourself at the finish line, whatever that may be for you. Now picture a scenario where you have every bit of information that you need to get to that finish your line.

Chances are, your finish line is a lot closer than you think.

Why Not Start Now?

At various points in the year, we often take time to reflect on where we are in our lives: what we’ve accomplished, what we didn’t get around to completing, and what has kept us from completing — or even starting — some of the projects that are important to us. …

Once we start to commit to both the asking and answering this question, and to think more deeply about what we are actually aiming for and where we actually want to go, three things happen:

Alignment. Different pieces of your personal and professional life slowly started to sync up and align in your favor

Revelations. The elements of your life that no longer served you start to reveal themselves in a very clear way

Power. You begin to fully embrace (and exercise) the right that you have to, at any time, choose again and choose differently

Ask yourself these questions to help identify your ‘ladder’:

When you’re thinking about…

Last month, I wrote for 31 days straight.

It was my own personal challenge. While I already write regularly via this blog and elsewhere, I wanted to consciously create more space for writing in my life. The rules were simple: Put pen to paper at least once every day for the month of May, writing at least 500 words. No specific topics, genres or expectations to publish any of it. Just write.

Well, I did. Here’s what I gained.


Gone were the mental blocks that I’d had for several weeks before. When it came to the projects that I couldn’t…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always known that ‘thank you’ could make others feel happy, special, and appreciated. Yet, it wasn’t until my adulthood that I came to fully understand that those two words had just as much of a positive effect on the person saying it as it did on the person hearing it.

The idea of gratitude, however, goes far beyond just saying ‘thank you’. Being grateful means being fully aware, present, and mindful of what is happening around you at all times. It means appreciating both the positive and the negative, and being able…

I’ve been wearing the same thing for four months. Kind of.

My wardrobe choices have been limited to 35 pieces total. I’ve rotated these pieces every day, in order to try my hand at having my very own capsule wardrobe.


A capsule wardrobe is a mini-collection of versatile pieces from your current wardrobe. It consists of the tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and outerwear that you most love to wear. It does not include accessories, jewelry, handbags, undergarments, workout clothes, or sleepwear. …

A daily routine that is done well sets you up for success, by giving you space to do what you need, in order to achieve the results you’re looking for.

It is not meant to be a way to fit an endless amount of tasks into any given day. Instead, it is an opportunity to identify and prioritize the essential, while eliminating the rest.

List your loves

Start by creating a list of the things that make your day great. What fuels you? What do you love doing the most? What do you need? Include all of those things on your list.

Create space in your day


Take a moment to pause and think about how you spent your time this week.

Perhaps you went to work or school, caught up with friends, or visited the gym. Then, there’s the time you may have spent watching television, checking your social media, or browsing the internet.

Now, pause a few moments more to think about what you LOVE. What excites you the most? What grounds you, grows you, and makes you want to jump out of bed every morning. For many of us, that something is a hobby or a person. It could also be a feeling or…

These five storytelling podcasts do more than just ignite my playful and creative sides. They help me to remember how much a great story can connect us to each other and to ourselves.


The Strangers podcast showcases some of the most fascinating and inspiring real-life stories from people of all walks of life. Not only will the stories themselves draw you in. Producer and host Lea Thau and her perfectly enamouring voice will keep you hooked as well.

Start with: “American Mormon — International Mr. Leather”. This is a story that keeps unfolding minute by minute, layer after layer, and…

Uzy Okoye

Marketer | “Don’t speak unless you can improve on the silence.”

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