A lot of people say that a dog is man’s best friend but that’s not true. A dog is man’s best pet. A man’s best friend is really his barber. The barber who redefines his look and shapes his confidence, knows the hottest jam on the streets and where to get the best deals on the newest video game. A man owes a lot to his barber.

It is not surprising, therefore, that some of the first places I check whenever I move into a new town are the barbershops. It is important that you pick the best and stick to him. From my vast experience with barbers, here are 7 habits of the highly effective.

1. Hair Guru

Your barber should be able to take one look at your head and tell the best style for you. He should know everything about hair; what kind of beard oil to use, lotions for scalp reactions and even hair behavior at 24°C. You must see his PhD. in Hairology hanging on the wall. If it’s not, demand to see it.

“You sure it’s from Havard?”

2. Skilled Artist

It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks, hair styling is an art. Your head is a canvas and your barber must be Picasso on it. Even if you request for the freaking Versace pattern, he should be able to use his artistic wizardry and the will of god to put it there.

3. Patience

Except you are Michael Jordan, as a rule, no good barber should spend less than 30 minutes on your head. Where is he hurrying to? If the King of Mesopotamia is on the queue, he should grab a magazine and wait his turn.

“You do know I am your King right?”

4. Street-Smart

There’s no school like the streets. If you were too busy abroad for summer and couldn’t attend classes, you can catch up at your local barbing salon. The next time you go for a trim, ask your highly effective barber to explain Olamide’s Story for the Gods. He won’t disappoint.

“Is the Panda video out yet?”

5. Storyteller

A good barber by virtue of his experiences is a storyteller. Judging by the number of people he meets every day, he always has something interesting to share. If your barbershop is more quiet than lively then I am afraid I have bad news for you.

“I reached down the intricate folds on his fatty chin and swiped my razor like this…”

6. Opinionated

Are you in a tight-spot on whom to pick; Lola or Ada, MTN or Airtel, Trump or Clinton? Your barber could sort you out. Barbers are hardly fencists, they always have a strong opinion about something and I mean this in a good way.

“Trump or Clinton…seriously?”

7. Friendly

If you ever enter a barbershop for the first time and the barber doesn’t welcome you with a smile, then walk out fast. You would never trust a skinny cook, so why would you a frowning barber?

“Yo! What’s up man. Get in here”

There are probably more but these features stood out the most from my own observation. What do you think, is your barber highly effective?