Gearing up for November: VAEON Protocol to attend several crypto events around the world

The VAEON team are set to attend blockchain events in London, Malta, Berlin, and more.

After a busy October wrapping up in Zurich at the Crypto ICO Summit as well as the Noah conference in London, the VAEON team will be kicking off November with appearances at several notable events, including the Malta Blockchain Summit and in Berlin.

Following a successful business meeting with BearingPoint in mid-October, we had the pleasure of joining them earlier this week in Zurich for the Crypto ICO Summit. We also participated in the demonstration of their Abacus DLT application. The event ran from October 28–29 and included keynote speakers such as Dr. Robert Bosch, Kahina Van Dyke, Michael Casey, and Joseph Lubin.

Andreas Mikolajewski, CEO of VAEON, conversing with the BearingPoint team regarding blockchain use cases.

We’d like to thank BearingPoint once again both for the invite to Zurich as well as for the opportunity to participate in their keynote presentation. We enjoyed having several interesting conversations at the event and were delighted to actively participate in the Zurich crypto community.

Directly after Zurich, our CEO Andreas Mikolajewski took off to attend the 10th anniversary of the Noah conference, taking place from October 30–31st in London. It is an event where hundreds of start-ups, investors, entrepreneurs, and digital executives meet, speak, and discuss digital innovation.

The first event to kick off November for the VAEON team was the Malta Blockchain Summit. The small island was flooded with some of crypto’s most prominent figures in blockchain and distributed ledger technology. The event started on November 1st and officially wrapped up the evening of the following day. According to their event page, they were expecting no less than 5,000 delegates and hundreds of investors, and featured a Hackathon, several keynote speakers, and an ICO Pitch. Our COO Pedro Lopez was in attendance alongside Patrick Lowry from Iconiq Lab.

Later in the month, our team will be attending the event, set to take place from November 19th — 20th in Berlin. The event includes keynote speakers, roundtable discussions, panels, and workshops, all geared towards fostering education, public awareness in the field of future technologies and technological innovation.

The last week of November will be quite busy for the VAEON team as well, attending events in Milan and Postdam. The most recent Crossfire event of the series takes place on the 26th in Milan and features 4–5 pitches by blockchain startups. There are also panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and a panel of judges, one of whom will be one of VAEON’s strategic advisors Maximillian Lautenschlaeger, representing Iconiq Lab.

Last but not least, the VAEON team will wrap up the month at the tenth Garage-Pitch event in Potsdam on the 29th. At the event, our CEO Andreas Mikolajewski will be making a pitch. This is an event where German start-ups have the opportunity to pitch their projects and network in an intimate setting.

For anyone who is planning to attend any of the future events and would like to reach out, we’d be glad to meet you! Please send an email to and we’ll get in touch. We hope to see you there!


VAEON Protocol is a self-governed layer 2 EOS protocol and the first ICO worldwide backed by EOS VC. In short, VAEON Protocol allows any user to securely combine their profiles, personal data, professional credentials, and networks into one decentralized source that can be shared or monetized as they wish.

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