3 months

We have just hit the ‘just over 3 months’ mark.

It has been the most amazing last 2 months jam packed with many adventures and celebrations.

Spring has started here and it has been wonderful to see all the different flowers blooming around the garden and in the parks. We have taken many pictures of flowers and small buds. Now the flowers are slowly dying and the trees have started to produce their small green leaves. It is one of the things I love about being in a new area, you get to see the patterns and changes and experience them for the first time.

Spring Collection

February was my birthday month. I was spolit to a show in London, “The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night time.” We dressed up real smart and made a stunning evening of it. If anyone gets a chance to see this production it is so worth it. It was incredible and the best show I have ever seen! I am so thankful to my parents and husband for that gift.

Theatre Production in London.

We then made our way to Matlock, Derby for some more birthday celebrations and spending time with family. It was a peaceful and refreshing get-away. We walked many of the town streets, visiting old villages and experiencing the history and stories of many of the places. One special day was venturing to a small village called Eyam. Here the residents were greatly effected by the well-known Plague that effected Europe. Many people died in this village as they took a brave and self-less step to isolate their village from the rest of England to help stop the spread for the disease. There are small plaques outside houses and the churches reading the personal stories of the families that lived in the specific house and how they passed or survived. It was a chilling experience to walk through the streets but a light of hope and pride to think that a village would do a brave act to save many lives.

Eyam, Derbyshire

We spent my birthday driving through the national Peak District looking over may pastures, hills and cobbled streets. We stopped over at a lovely quint restaurant in the country side where we dived into a delicious warm two course lunch. We ended the day with a surprise birthday cake at home and a skype session with the parents. It was a lovely day spent with people we love.

Family in Derby

We visited the famous Chatworth House which has a magnificent gravity pumped fountain outside. We also managed to drink fresh spring water from a smaller gravity fountain which has been running constantly for many years. The local people often come to the fountain to fill up bottles to take back home and drink. The water was cool, clean and refreshing. All in all the time spent up in Derby was unforgettable and it was just a small taste of more to come. We will definitely be venturing up North again! We loved seeing family and they blessed us unbelievably and we will forever be thankful to them for the time spent.

Drinking from a gravity pumped spring fountain.

In March we celebrated Jordi’s birthday. We went to a local Turkish/Mediterranean resturaunt for a romantic dinner and complementary pudding. Jords was then graciously sung to in Turk. We then celebrated more that weekend with friends.

The birthday boy at Tap Coffee , London.

The odd days in between our birthdays we managed to explore London a bit more. We visited Abbey Road Studios, walked the famous zebra crossing and we enjoyed some Chinese delicacies. I have now officially completed my first term in my school with reports and parent evenings. It has been such a great experience and I am looking forward to the next term but for now I will enjoy my two weeks of bliss and holiday and enjoy having Rich and Chans over from Amsterdam.

Chinese, Coffee and Abbey Road Studios.

We send big love to all our friends and family back in South Africa. And we are looking forward to seeing some of you in a few months time!

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