How does a Kinesiology Tape provide shoulder relief?

Kinesiology tape is different as compared to the traditional athletic tape as it allows the area around the muscle to remain flexible and enable the blood flow along with speedy healing. On the other hand the traditional athletic tape restricts the movement of the muscles and keeps the tissues and tendons still. There is a right method of applying this kinesiology tape rather than sticking it to the injured and sore area and this stems from a holistic practice that is known as kinesiology.

Use of shoulder kinesiology tape came in to the limelight when an Olympic volley ball player, Kerri Walsh, was spotted sporting a flexible black, unique tape on her shoulder and back. Afterwards in no time, kinesiology tape became famous and first choice of the athletes whenever it was to treat the sport injuries. Today it is available for both, the everyday customers as well as for athletes in search of a natural solution to facilitate the healing of the body in a speedy manner.

Applying the kinesiology tape:

In this regards, the users will have to look for the facilitation of a therapist or a trainer who is certified for the usage of kinesiology tape. It will enable you to apply the tape in the required and correct manner. The tape should be applied to the shoulder when the arm is extended at 90 degrees. At the top of the shoulder, press the tape gently and unroll it down towards the elbow down to your arm’s length. In this way it will be ensured that the tape will glide along the direction same to that your shoulder and your arm muscles will move.

In case your shoulders or neck are injured then the kinesio tape can be applied to affected area in order to get speedy recovery. Cut the tape in the “Y” shape and turn it upside down in a way that edge of “Y” goes down the neck and the branches spread out across your shoulder. While you will be applying the tape, keep the neck bent forward so that the tape is spread equally along the shoulder blades and gently press the tape down on the injured area.

Kinesiology tape do wonders when it is about offering relief to the shoulders and injured area. Whenever athletes are injured, they make use of this tape to treat their sore ligaments, muscles and tendons. This facilitates them to get back to their normal routine in no time.

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