“But in this case the rules of the Presidency” I’m pleasantly surprised to see someone from the…
Jack Maverick

Except HRC did not lose, Jack. For the third time since 2000, our flawed election system gave the presidency to the loser. THIS time it was a confluence of the multi-state cross-check voter suppression program (which they’re taking national as it was a great success), Russian propaganda (FSB intelligence — micro targeting specific *individuals* with bogus Hillary negative information), the Comey Effect, as well as the voting machines (which turn a small percentage of votes from democratic to republican).

Trump’s *win* was therefore bogus, and while there’s no precedent for it, the 2016 election should be retroactively called for Clinton.

You’re correct about one thing, though: It will never happen. The UN does that in “third world” countries. Hmmm..

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