The First Black Post Presidency

Thank you, Calith, for both a strong defense of President Obama, and a slap-down of those on the left who are criticizing him. First, let’s point out that speaking fees and book deal advances have been highlighted as negative when they’re earned by a woman (Hillary) and by our first African American president. I can recall mentions of (with a degree of awe) the then-mind blowing amount of money offered to and accepted by former President Bill Clinton, when he received the same offers.

All three, in my opinion, are/were in demand, have/had important things to say, perspectives to offer, and have/will also continue public service through charity (CGI, Clinton Foundation, and the future Obama Foundation).

Hmm.. the difference is too obvious.

Second, As the mainstream media fret about President Obama and poor “optics,” while ignoring the coup that is now our government, I realize the corporate media have no interest in self reflection or correction, because they don’t see themselves as the problem.

Finally, as Ruth Marcus and other corporate media shills, in addition to some democrats, cluck their tongues and nitpick about Obama, his speaking fee, and book deal advance, I, for one, look forward to what I’m sure will be an inspiring, post-presidency for Barack Obama.