What Does Charlottsville Mean to a Jew?
Laurel Brett

Thank you, Laurel, for making us “visible” in this new phenomenon, and for reminding us that anti-semitism is ever-present.

I only experienced anti-semitism as a young woman after I left NY. I was literally stunned, as I naively believed “all that” was over, but relevant to my grandparents (all four from Eastern Europe) and to history.

From South Carolina to Colorado Springs, from Alaska to Nebraska, I experienced anti-semitism, either directly in front of me, or through incidents my children experienced in school.

The comments that were arbitrarily emitted in my presence from time to time were ONLY said *because* I have the luxury of not “looking” Jewish.

I learned many years ago, from my uncle who went to the South to participate in the freedom marches, that as Jews, we have a responsibility to stand up for social justice for ALL: I realized how right he was once I left the confines of NY.

YES, it can happen again. The festering underground sewage of hatred has been emboldened to let their freak flag fly, and it frightens me to my core.

Yes, it’s true that there’s a small contingent on the left (Amy Goodman is a good example) that is AS anti-Israel as those on the far right. The difference is that anti-Israel is not the same as anti-Jewish, which is the sentiment on the alt-right.

I fear that Netanyahu (and now Trump) has caused an escalation of both worldwide anti-semitism and global anti-Israelism.

You gave voice to us in your piece, and for that I am deeply grateful.

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