Nice hit piece. Now let me tell you why you’re completely and utterly wrong.
Gale Rogers Jr.

The reason Bernie is so popular is due to his continual presence *as* the voice of democrats (which he is not). MSM offer him a large platform, no criticism, and often, glowing praise. Kinda like they did with Twittler until MONTHS after the election. Bernie is toxic to the Democratic Party, as he’s our most vocal critic. How I wish he’d start his own party and leave ours alone. But, alas, that would be too much work. He’d rather take over our existing party (infrastructure and all), and remake it in his own image.

As for me, I’d prefer Hillary as the go-to person for Dems, since she won both the primary and the election.

That, of course, won’t happen, as the mainstream corporate media have spent the better part of 25 years tearing down both Clintons.

We were robbed of what would likely have been one of our greatest presidents. Literally.

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