This is one of the most pathetic articles I’ve ever read.

Yeah, and HRC was the 2d most popular woman in the world until her post SECSTATE book was released. Cue the MSM hate machine, making sure her popularity plummeted as she announced her candidacy. SHE won, and not just by 3M votes. 1.7 Million democratic voters were “cross-checked” off the registered voter rolls across five states. We’ll never know how many tried to vote, knew they were registered, had valid ID and registered voter cards, only to discover they had been removed from the registered voter rolls. Add THAT to the Russian interference and the Comey effect, she won in SPITE of these obstacles. Oh, did I mention the two billion dollars of free, adoring, DT ads, disguised as “news?”

I used to admire Bernie Sanders, but I’ve grown to loathe him as an opportunist and a phony. He DID take money from the DNC and DSCC, used the Democratic Party apparatus, and promptly reverted back to an Independent after the election. Now he never missed a chance to criticize democrats.

I agree. Berniecrats are a cancer that must be stopped, as we’re facing a constitutional crisis of unprecedented proportions. Either get on board to fight Trump and his dictatorship or get the f*** out of the way.

I agree. Start your own party and leave us alone, or fight with us and we’ll settle our differences later — assuming our democracy isn’t in tatters come 2018 and 2020.