Adventures of an Intern

Corina Sevilla Humphrey won VBAT’s
Meet Market and joins for 2 weeks
(Part I)

By Corina Sevilla Humphrey
Creative Intern at

It’s August the 23th, 2013, 19:30 pm, Mexico City International Airport.

I’m about to start boarding an airplane that will take me 9,210 kilometers across the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the land of windmills, bicycles, dams and tulips.

It has been 458 days, 27,480 hours, 1,648,800 minutes, 98,928,000 seconds since then and today Sunday November the 23th, 2014, thanks to VBAT’s Meet Market competition, I’m beginning my journey back to the place that I have been missing the most, a journey that most probably I would not be able to afford if I hadn’t submitted my entry to this competition on May the 5th:

VBAT MEET MARKET, a creative exchange event
Graham Sturt, Creative Director of VBAT, congratulates Corina on her 1st prize during VBAT MEET MARKET.

Yes, I’m on my way to Mexico and please don’t take me wrong, The Netherlands is such a beautiful country, rich in culture, technology, art, design and oh boy I do love their bicycle infrastructure, but as a true Mexican I missed my tacos.

Believe me, since I knew I was coming, I started to make a list of all the “Taqueria’s”, “Fondas” and markets I was going to pay a visit. I even started to go a lot to the gym in Eindhoven so I wouldn’t feel so bad after eating all the things I had planned.

I’m so grateful to VBAT, the creative boot camp was supposed to last only two weeks, but I asked them if they could extend the date of my return ticket and they didn’t even hesitated about it. Thanks to them I’ll be able to spend Christmas and new year with all my family, and the best part of it is that nobody in my family knows that I’ll be arriving this December, not even my parents that I haven’t seen in more than one and half year.

Corina`s award winning entries

My journey began at 07:00 am with my husband taking me on our tandem all the way to the train station. After a two hours train ride I arrived to Schiphol, one of the biggest airports I’ve been to, and it actually took me a few minutes to finally find the KLM check in point. I was so amazed with KLM; I had my boarding pass on my phone! Can you believe that? They just had to scan it and then showed me the way to the luggage drop off point. They have these futuristic capsules where you scan your boarding pass and then the capsule prints your luggage tag, then you just have to attach it to the side handle and it’s done, the capsule then eats your luggage and everything is done in less than 10 minutes, 10 minutes people! I’ve never checked in so fast in my life.

Later, I passed immigration, actually also pretty quick thanks to my Dutch residence permit. After that, I went to my gate, to sit and wait for the KLM staff call. We started boarding when suddenly we heard an announcement; apparently the plane was not OK to fly. We had to get off and wait for
another one. The new plane was great; we were flying for over eleven hours to finally land in my beautiful Mexico.

When the airplane finally stopped and the flight attendants began to open the doors, I started to feel butterflies in my stomach, I was so happy, I couldn’t even move from the excitement, my heart was running so fast, my eyes running some tears of happiness. Finally, after all this time I’m here, I had waited so long to come back.

After getting out of the plane I went to get my luggage, it was a suspense waiting because mine was one of the last ones to come out of the moving band. The last thing was passing through costumes, I have to confess that I was a little bit nervous because I have brought 60 tulip bulbs with me and
didn’t want that they were taken from me. Luckily I pressed the button and the light was green so I could pass without being checked and the tulips survived.

I was exhausted from the flight, but it suddenly went away when I saw PJ and his girlfriend Mariana holding the prettiest bouquet waiting for my arrival. They were so nice with me; they took me to my hotel, set me in, gave me a little tour and even took me for a bite to eat. After eating, they took me back and wished me good night.

Pieter Jelle Braaksma, Director creativo y de concepto of picks up Corina at Mexico City Airport. Let the adventure begin!

Coming soon:
Adventures of an intern: Part II

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written by Corina Sevilla Humphrey
Creative intern at

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