The Art of Gift Giving

Using data and browser history to find the perfect Christmas present

By Annet Kloprogge
Creative at VBAT

With the holidays just around the corner and Black Friday coming up, it’s about time you think about what to give your loved ones.

Are you already getting stressed by the idea of it? No worries. In 2014 there’s enough help around to make all your Christmas shopping effortless and quick.

Through the website If This Then That, you can create ‘recipes’ to automatically be updated. Turn on the recipe to get an email whenever the latest Black Friday News from NYTimes comes out, or receive a daily digest of the most popular products on Best Buy. Easy huh?

When you’re done with the shopping, you can also turn on notifications for when the shipping status changes by getting a text message and add the package delivery date to your calendar automatically.

Shopping has never been so easy. Of course a lot of brands have seen the problem of gift giving being around for quite a while. That’s why they are all offering things like Gift Finders and Personality Tests. Argos just released their version of the Ultimate Gift Finder. By connecting your Facebook account to their website and liking different presents Tinder style (swipe right, swipe left), you get to test a friend on what types of presents you would like to have. Never a dull present again! Dutch digital warehouse Fonq has a similar approach with their Gift Finder personality test. By selecting your budget, gender and different personality traits of the person you’re buying the gifts for, Fonq shows you a selection of the presents that fit best.

And if you’re really in for a surprise, be sure to sign up for the Reddit Secret Santa. Last year, over 85,000 people across over 120 countries came together to break the Guinness World Record for the largest Secret Santa gift exchange. It works like this; you sign up before December 1 to be matched to another participant. You research the giftee’s interests and Reddit history in order to find the perfect gift and ship by December 19. When you receive your present, post a thank you note to your Santa with photos on redditgifts!

Imagine having Bill Gates as a Secret Santa..

Photo: ABC News

Gift giving has never been this fun!

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written by Annet Kloprogge
Creative at VBAT

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