When banners are blocked, only blocked brands will use banners.
tony felice

[..] “content blocking,” which essentially allows Apple to provide ad blocking functionality without making a value judgement.

Thanks, but no thanks: we can make our own judgement.

Oh, AND:

[..] enable third parties to build mobile extensions that block content,

is -just- plain crazy. Adblock Plus is there for a reason. Any (mobile) platform that doesn’t support installing it and /or a web browser which can support it — is getting passed on. What to do. :) :D

Web sites which are blocking-out Adblock Plus browsers are, also, getting Alt+F4 -ed (& Ctrl+W -ed. :))

And by the way, once content creators wise up to the whole thing and start symlink -ing advertising servers (in order to avoid NoScript, for example; although it already has functions to counter this) and trying to find other ways to make ads go from server-side to client-side — we’re just gonna have to make more aggressive hosts files, Apple-blockers and somebody has got to re-hire all of the engineers which fled Mozilla (Firefox) after it had made the decision to follow (Internet) trends, instead of its original philosophy, heh.

^^ So, painfully, obvious — even to a layman.

*That’s its second, third or fourth iteration; that Mozilla article, about change. They’re trying to “reinvent” the wheel, over and over again — instead of, just, doing what they had set out to do in the first place (and NOT compete in the markets, blah).