#3 space-saving ideas that will change your life


In the end all of us find ourselves having to deal with minimal living spaces. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone who has space to spare: meters are what they are and family needs grow unabated.

The only way to find compromises is to find space-saving ideas, possibly also cheap, that put all agree.

Here some ideas stolen from the projects I showed you in the past months.


Usually tiny apartments have a unique environment, it is rare that it is a one bedroom apartment. In such cases it is always difficult to split functional areas in the house, especially the bedroom.

How do we do then to separate bedroom from the rest of the house and give to this area its privacy? How do we separate laundry from the rest of the house?

For the first point, we just need a self-supporting library: in this way the library will share two rooms, without closing them completely.

The passage of light and air remains guaranteed, as well as the definition of the area.

What about the laundry? Where do we store all those ugly and uncomfortable objects? In a large wardrobe, which once closed won’t show its function.

As in the micro-loft renovated by architect Francesca Mazziotti in Milan.


Let’s talk about the black beast of the houses: stairs.

Don’t look at them only as the enemy. If exploited properly they can give you some amazing surprises.

Why not equip the stairs walls with shelves and niches, to create ad hoc libraries?

Or transform each step in a drawer: closet is made.

Madoka Aihara & Toshiyuki Yamazaki/YUUA Architects and Associates 1.8 M Width House


In a micro-house we must not underestimate anything, every centimeter is vital to reclaim space needed for survival.

Since the environments are open and everything is shared, each wall can take on a well-defined role. In front of the kitchen you have a small wall to which you do not know what function to give?

Painting it with chalkboard paint, it can become a wall on which to pin everything you need. If you adorne it with accessories for spices and knives, that’s it.

Have you got a corner at the entrance and you don’t know what to do with it?

If a washing machine can fit, you can gain the laundry area. A few shelves and a curtain to close it and that’s it.