5 easy steps to decorate your living room with a low budget

Let’s close the month dedicated to low budget decorating, talking about how to decorate the living room, without spending too much. Ready?

We are friends: they are coming. Like what?? Holidays, holy sky! Well, maybe not for everyone, but for many Italians for sure.

And I want to point out Italians because in the rest of the world it is not so … there is this madness of July seen a bit like the end of the world. It almost seems like with August finishes everything .. . Anyway, we were saying: holiday are coming and a little rest for everyone, even for the blog.

But I want to leave you with the last post of the month, dedicated to the budget-minded home decor. We already saw how to furnish the bedroom smartly, that is, without going into the red with the bill.

We can apply the same concept to the living room, definitely the most important part of the home.

Let’s see how?


As I have already told you, sometimes to give fresh air to a room or to the whole house, small details are enough. The details make the difference and are able to completely change the idea of a place.

Always start from the color definition that you want to use to change style: make the inventory of the colors of furnishings and floors and choose harmonious colors with the set. You can use the same nuances or go to contrast, it’s up to you.

Surely with contrasting colors the change is nicer, but you have to like it.

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

Colors choosen, it’s time to paint the walls. Unique color or stencil is the same. Surely a stencil or geometric decoration (like rows) will help you more, because being more graphic attract more attention. This can be of help if you have few furniture and you want to give a sense of fullness or if you have the furniture you want to distract attention from.

Curtains also play a major role in home furnishings. I know that many of you hate them, but they are fundamental. They give a sense of completeness to the room, especially if you choose coordinates cushions and carpets.

But do not get too heavy: they just have to shield the windows, they should not stop the light coming in. When it’s summer or spring, take advantage of it and keep it on the sides of the windows: so much light is positivity.

If you want to rearrange the distribution of your furnishings, think of the different activities you do in the room. In the living room there will be the entrance area to be arranged with boxes for the keys and furniture to support shoes and bags. There will be a dining area, with tables, chairs, and cupboards to store dishes and glasses. But there is also the area where you can rest by reading or watching TV on the couch.

Arrange the furniture according to the activities you do and help with carpets to define the different areas.

To finish the accessories, to decorate the living room: paintings, mirrors, pillows and carpets all coordinated on the basis of the colors you are using to redo the look of your stay.

You will see that it will no longer look the same room :-)