#6 outdoor rugs for all budgets (we can discuss about dimensions after)

Maybe it may seem weird or useless but the outdoor rugs exist, they are beautiful and useful. Let’s see how and which to choose, for balconies and gardens at the top.

It’s possible that you have never thought of it, or you’ve always thought that the same carpet you use inside the house will go out as well. Actually no and the reason is simple. Think of your beautiful carpet, perhaps hand-woven, in natural and precious fabrics like wool or silk. Ten minutes outdoors and it would become filthy, as well as being thrown away.

That’s no good: outdoor spaces (even a small balcony) require durable and easily washable fabrics, we do not want to spend the summer buying a carpet a week, uh?

If you want to embellish your outdoor space, whatever it is, you have to choose synthetic fiber carpets, such as polypropylene. Cleaning them will be a joke, try to believe it.

Another important thing is the size: take the measurements of your space and choose a carpet that fill the bill. You don’t want to buy a random rug, take it home and see that you have to roll it because it does not fit.

If you have little space then you should opt for a long, narrow carpet on which you can even place the small table.

If you have a huge garden then you can even afford the luxury of a 180 x 230 cm rug. Outdoor table and outdoor chairs will also find there place above it.

I’ve found 6 super cools rugs, I can see them here below.


Let’s start with the smaller and less expensive outdoor carpets, which will surely be good for the most part of us.

They are part of the Ikea 2017 news just for the summer. They are two runner carpets, 80 cm for 200 cm in length. A sober one for those who do not want flashy things into the house. The other is pretty fluent, for those who are not afraid to dare.

Take a look at the prices: I am sure that such costs will not send you broke.

Ikea Karbak € 14,99 | Ikea Sommar € 9,99

Let’s raise the stakes, both as for the price and for the measures. In the end, some folks have higher budgets …. Maison du Monde outdoor collection in general, for rugs in particular, is exceptional.

Thousands patterns and thousand colors, you will surely find what is right for you. The only detail to be aware of is the measurements: the smaller outdoor carpets are 160 cm for 230 cm. In short, for whom we have it big (garden, of course).

The cost too, is very convincing: we are around € 80, great budget for such rugs.

Polypropilene outdoor rug 160 x 230 cm LABRITJA €79,9 Maison du Monde | Polypropilene green outdoor rug 160 x 230 cm SEASID € 79,9 Maison du Monde

We end up with fireworks, with master carpets. They’re always in synthetic fibers, though it does not look like it. They are more elegant and can also be used even inside. In particular, Semeraro rug has viscose inside, which makes it a bit more delicate, but absolutely spectacular.

Prices? Between € 100 and € 150.

www.cogalhome.com Geo € 99 | Cielo € 149 Semeraro