#7 kids bedrooms that will make dream you and your children


Kids’ bedrooms and their beds: ban on normality and boredom! I want to show you some examples of spaces for the little ones that will leave you speechless.

I don’t know you, but when I think of my bedroom when I was a little girl, it takes me a bit of sadness. But not because it was ugly, just because when you are young you are immersed in your dreams.

It is difficult to disconnect what you would like from what you really can have … who would not have had a bed in the form of a plane or princess castle?

The problem is that when we’re young we don’t yet understand the value of money, so it is difficult to accept that our parents to get the bed we would like, would have to donate a kidney. But beyond the economic value, when we were small we did not have certain things yet.

Still, as if I were to furnish a kid bedroom I would still love for something extremely dreamy, I could not give up on the standard beds that are around.

Do you want to see what I’ve discovered?


But do you know the Circu company? I discovered it wandering over Pinterest and I do not know how it is possible that I have never heard of it. A dream. And how do they describe them:

Welcome to the Circu world. A world of magic and fantasy where dreams come true.

Magic and fantasy are their keywords. Think about it: life is already difficult, why don’t we give our little ones all the space possible to dream and be protagonists of their dreams?

With the beds and furniture of this company is really easy. Do you prefer a missile, a plane or Ariel shell?

You will only have the embarrassment of choosing for small children and I am sure that happiness will be assured.

Rocky Rocket by Circu
Mermaid bed by Circu
Bun Van by Circu

What about Volkswagen van? Or hot air balloon? They really are micro worlds from which you won’t be able to pull out your kids.

But even Maison du Monde offers creative and perhaps more adaptable solution to all ages: loft beds or a square and half that can be adapted to any kind of dream and style.

Are your children incurable creatives? Then chalkboard walls are yours. Do they dream of being adventurers? Small tents will make them seem like they’re always on holiday.

Don’t keep your kids from dreaming because dreams are the fuel of life.

Surfing, Newport Blanc and Violette by Maison du Monde