#8 Street arts that will make you want to learn to draw


Street art by many is still connected with those horribles graffiti we see appearing every day on our walls and our palaces.

But that is not art and it is not even murals. Street art is truly wonderful, capable of transforming every little piece of our cities into canvas.

Thanks to the right artists and the right works, the most anonymous corners of our neighborhoods might find new life and a new dignity.


Usually the favorite place for street artists are the perimetric walls of residential buildings. It happens more often than old buildings are destroyed, leaving unpaired previous ones alongside.

It is sad to see these white walls, which get ruined over time. Why not give it in the hands of these writers and artists?

Images by Pinterest
Images by Pinterest

Aren’t they beautiful these colors and drawings? Instead of crashing into an abandoned wall, these works allow us to dream and imagine new worlds.

A huge wall of books would not be everyone’s dream? In the middle of a city then!

Each dispersed element can help to become a piece of art. Here’s a camera becomes the head of a robot: brilliant.

Images by Pinterest
Images by Pinterest

But these murals can also convey important messages, aphorisms to remember and not forget.

It’s nice to see how an ingenious idea is realized into a design that gives back dignity to a broken wall, worthy of no importance.

But also the traffic bollards become artistic allies: how about this Tower of Pisa?

We must always look at things from different angles. And the world looks different.

John Keating (Robin Williams), Dead Poets Society, 1989