A 30-day challenge to clean home: are you ready?


I want to make you a provocation: do yo wat to transform home cleaning into a challenge? A challenge of 30 days, a task per day. Are you in?

Who said that domestic affairs must be boring and heavy? That you have to spend a lot of time?

You don’t have to transform Saturday and Sunday into hellish days, completely lost. Do you bet that you will have a clean, fragrant home and go for a trip at the weekend?

How to do it is easily said: in addition to optimizing housekeeping and scheduling housework, you can turn home works into a challenging game.

Give yourself some time, no, no, I give it to you: 30 days. One thing a day, of those you only feel badly to thinking.

Do you wanna start?


Before you start with the challenge, think about the prize you will earn if you can complete it. A long-term purchase? A dinner in a restaurant that you have long targeted? A trip?

Auto-reward yourself, for a goal accomplished as it should be!

Here is the program:

The photo above can be downloaded and printed, placed in a point you always have under your eyes, so you don’t forget it.

As you can see, you find all the cleaning we refer to, because they are heavy and stole a lot of time. Of course, if they’re all together.

But if you divide them in the days, you will have to spend a little time and you will not even feel the fatigue.

And most incredible: the result will be the same, only with less fatigue and anxiety. You decide when to start, take it as an excuse to turn something boring into something new. You can also involve your partner if you want.

When you have finished let me know how it went and what did you give to yourself!