Valentina Di Roma

In winter, master bedroom is the room of the house where we would like to spend much time as possible. Do you want to make it even more comforting with me?

Master bedroom: how much do we love spending time in winter in this room of the house?

With the cold period is comforting to be able to hole up in the heat, under the covers and switch off from our hectic world.

However, if something does not convince you in your room, or you are looking for that last detail that makes a difference, then read on.

I found this nice bedroom: cozy, comforting and absolutely to be copied.


Here it is today’s protagonist: a warm and chic bedroom. Cobalt blue, a sensory blanket that evokes warmth and softness.

There aren’t many elements that characterize this room, but they are sufficient to make us understand that we would very much like to sleep one night here.

The happiest part in one man’s life, it’s the one that he spends lying awake in bed, in the morning. Samuel Johnson.

Do you want to see which are the pieces that you could buy, to get the style you see in the picture?

Here then the monthly moodboard and a list of the furniture:

  1. Double bed Raffaello, Semeraro, € 99
  2. Flat-woven rug Jute, Terra Marroncino, Benuta, € 109,95
  3. Bedside table Hercules, Jysk, € 79,95
  4. Cotton pillowcase, H&M, € 6,99
  5. Striped pillow cover, H&M, € 4,99
  6. Grey rug Norwich, Benuta, 80 x 250 € 194,95
  7. Bed sheet with corners percalle, H&M, € 10,99
  8. Pendant lamp Edison, Semeraro, € 73
  9. Bench Trendline, Jysk, € 249,95
  10. Microfiber blanket, Jysk, € 4,99
  11. Applique copper look Harris, Maison Du Monde, € 84,99

I would say that with a budget, we can turn our room into a magazine cover one. Do you like it?

Valentina Di Roma

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Interior Designer | Architecture & Art lover | Curiosity is my best friend | Always in search of design news | http://www.vdrhomedesign.com/

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