A coworking space in which to work, create and relax

Valentina Di Roma

Coworking is a word that we hear to talk about, but I’m not sure we all know what that means. Let’s discover it together, going to Istanbul.

Be honest: do you know what coworking is? You don’t have to pretend to know it and shake your head in a sign of assent. It’s not a question, indeed … we are here to learn together, so ban on shyness.

Coworking is about “working together”: not necessarily between people in the same company. Let’s pretend you have a small business on your own, but for economic reasons you can not have an office.

These spaces make it available to everyone, to work in environments that can be used by anyone who needs them.

Isn’t it fantastic? Less costs and a lot more opportunities to socialize and meet.

Do you really want to see a practical project that talks about coworking? Then let’s go to Istanbul, in the Habita Coworking project by PAB studio.


Architects by PAB studio have designed this office space in an absolutely innovative way. Forget the usual gray offices where you can not relax because otherwise it seems like you spend your time on Facebook.

Not the usual office where kitchen space is hidden, as if it were a deadly sin. Yet, we all know it: it’s ok to work, but with the due breaks. And then, enough with the usual work scheme: the old 8-hour working hours, are a little overdue.

Working world is changing, oriented towards working from home, flexible hours and an increasingly popular networking model.

Precisely from these ideas lies the design of these spaces: creative productivity, in which everyone helps each other.

Productive acceleration in a shared work habitat.

Design: PAB Architects
Client: Habita Coworking Offices

A fluid and flexible working space, where everyone can choose the best configuration to work with. Several private or public places, different chairs, various locations.

Do you want to lie down to find the right inspiration for your next amazing creative idea? Here you can. Do you need a private office? There are 12, ranging from 10 to 18 square meters.

But there are also open offices with eight six-seat tables, flexible work units for those who are inconspicuous and do not need these spaces in a continuous way.

Design: PAB Architects
Client: Habita Coworking Offices

Take a look at the pictures: for me, this office space is wonderful. I can not explain how much time I lose dreaming of working in such a pleasant environment, that increases productivity. I do not know you, but I suffer a lot from being tied to a desk to work.

Working hours are so many, what is the problem if you need to change position? If instead of sitting you want to lie down or maybe sit at the bar counter?

In the Habita space everything I have written can be done. Isn’t the bar beautiful? And the space with the sofas?

But the heart of the office is the space dedicated to presentations and workshops: modular and fixed elements alternating, to create a cozy space that welcomes everything you need.

Design: PAB Architects
Client: Habita Coworking Offices

Valentina Di Roma

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Interior Designer | Architecture & Art lover | Curiosity is my best friend | Always in search of design news | http://www.vdrhomedesign.com/

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