A small apartment, folding and disappearing

Valentina Di Roma
Sep 21, 2016 · 3 min read


When you find yourself having to deal with the few square meters available in a small apartment, discouragement can easily take over.

One could step in a creative block or could unleash the wildest fantasy.

This second option is definitely the case of the architect Nicholas Gurney; endowed with the visionary ability to transform into reality complex solutions, he is the envy of many designers.

Also in this project (we saw another one of his project few weeks ago, here the link http://bit.ly/2cijrAB ), the Bijou Apartment, Nicholas surprises us with made to measure furniture that responds to more functions.


Entering the house we find ourselves faced with a unique room: a gray sofa with opposite a wall system built to size, an arched opening that leads into the kitchen.

But where is it the bedroom?

Bedroom is located behind the wall system, the one in front of the couch. Yes yes, that’s right.

The trick is there but you can’t see it: a sliding door opens and shows the bed. Through a system of sliding plans, you can change the wall configuration.

When Morpheus makes its presence felt, the work plan flows into a slot in the wall unit and reappears on the other side. The door opens and here is the bedroom.

An idea that reminds a little about the Tetris style games, where in the interlockings perfection resided the only trick to win.

New combinations of circumstances require unusual rules — Charlotte Bronte

The sleeping area is small but respectable and above all equipped with everything you need. The cabinet is connected to the living room wall unit, creating a single connection and support element.

Also in this project passion for design accessible to all is the master, making real an ingenious apartment.

Creativity combined with great technical knowledge have designed these furniture made to measure, which were built by well-respected carpenters.

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