Bed One Block: one hostel, short space and tons of design

I want you to change your mind about the hostels, because we Italians are hard to convince on the contrary, when we have our ideas. I’m talking about Bed One Block Hostel in Bangok. Pack your bags, we’re leaving.

A few weeks ago I took you to Valencia, discovering the Valencia Lounge Hostel (no anxiety, here the link to the post). Because it is really time for us Italians to scour off our old and stale ideas: hostels around the world (but here too) are really cool.

You have to stop thinking about hostel = dirt, because it is no longer so. By now hostel is synonymous with low prices, innovative interior projects and sociality. To be honest, I happened to go to hotels less cool than hostel in the photos I’m showing you.

If you are not convinced yet, then pack your bags and let’s go to Bangok.


We are in Bangok as I was saying, in a tiny lot: in an area 4 mt wide and 16 mt deep, the Bed One Block hostel rises. The name itself refers to the shape of the building, a unique block.

Space is little but requests are the same as a standard project, no discounts. The A.Millimeter studio architects must find the way to make as many beds as possible, insert all the conveniences of a standard structure and find a good balance between public and private.

Impossible, you’d be thinkin. Here comes the fun. A common area was designed on the stairs that connect the ground floor to the mezzanine: a place to rest but also to work.

Photographer: Jirayu Rattanawong
Photographer: Jirayu Rattanawong

In addition to this common area, in all dormitories there is a small relaxation area where to stop, chat or arrange luggage. The contrast between natural oak and white, gray and black tones makes the hostel modern and welcoming.

Style is minimal but contemporary, up with the times.

The facade is designed to meet different needs; on one hand it serves as a screen for technical equipment, such as conditioners. On the other hand, however, it had to attract attention and be the soul of the project from the outside.

Architects then thought of drilled steel plates with holes of different diameters, creating a light but distinctive pattern. In this way the structure remains protected by the curious, allowing the natural flow of light and air.

Here is the purpose of Bed One Block Hostel: good service and a great design project to welcome tourists.

Project: A MILLIMETRE | Photographer: Jirayu Rattanawong
Project: A MILLIMETRE | Photographer: Jirayu Rattanawong