Bedroom decorating: zero budget relooking

Valentina Di Roma

Do you want to change the look of your bedroom but still keeping a low budget? Let’s see how to do it.

We are at the last week of August, but the arguments of the zero-euro decorating series are not over. I want to talk a bit with you about some practical ways to decorate the bedroom, without exaggerating with the expenses.

It is normal after a few years of getting tired of home style. Furnishings are also subject to fashion and for this, they pass and change. However, if you have chosen timeless furnishings, it’s easier.

What does timeless furnishings mean? It means furnishings of iconic and classic shapes, with neutral colors. Furnishings that resist trend change and adapt with a few moves.


As I said above, keeping the furniture you have (and that will be beautiful 😉), the one on which you will work are accessories and colors of the walls.

My advice before starting to buy as if there was not a tomorrow, is to make a careful analysis of the colors of the furnishings you have. Depending on the colors of furniture and floors, you will find colors that are fine and harmonize with the new style.

Take pictures of what you have and sample the colors (you can do it with the Windows Paint program, with the dropper tool). When you have a basic color palette, help with some online tools.

There are some online programs like this one or this one, that will allow you to have a color scheme to use. In this way you are sure you have chosen the shades that work together.

refined revelry by project interiors

For example, if your room is all in cherry, the main color will be orange-tanned brown. You may decide to stand on the monochrome, with light orange and light brown tones.

Or you can go to contrast, choosing a Tiffany color or an olive green. In short, you choose the scheme that you like.

Once decided the colors, there is nothing left to do: start with the walls and change the color. If the furniture is already dark, you may opt for the brighter colors of the pattern. Or make a darker wall to create the focal point of the room.

Kvartira by I Am Home

At this point, choose all accessories: sheets, pillows, curtains. Everything according to the colors you chose, mixing shades and patterns (I recommend never use more than two or three colors).

Carpets, lights, mirrors and paintings are also essential when it comes to relooking a room.

Everything contributes to creating a unitary style, giving a new look to the room, though the furnishings are always the same. Ah, remember that I did paintings for you to download and print for free, here the link!

Chorus by Ganna Design
Valentina Di Roma

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