Cleaning house: an infographic to gain time

I know, I know: cleaning home doesn’t like anyone. Be honest: do you know how often do you have to clean up what? I’ll help you with a simple infographic.

Women and men, housewives or not, cleanup topic is the most boring and prickly of all. Nobody and I mean nobody, like to clean home. We get tired like crazy, we lose whole days doing things that we often don’t see useful.

In summer then … a sweat bath to make the house at least decent. Let’s tell the truth though: a clean and in order home always has its charme. Do you want to accommodate your friends in a lounge where there are no blankets, slippers and newspapers scattered around the couch? Where the remote control is at the first glance.

How do you do than, without having to miss entire days with home cleaning?

It is not necessary to do everything, every day (also because especially who works, does not have time materially). I have prepared a small infographic, which you can download and print as a reminder.


As I told you, I thought of preparing you a fast infographic, which you can print and hang where it is convenient for you. If you, like me, you also forget what your name is, then this will be very useful.

When it comes to spring cleaning, I always forget when it was the last time I did them. Curtains? Who knows. Chandeliers? Mah.

It’s a hassle, because maybe I’m doing the same thing twice in doubt. We all know, cleaning is a stress, think of it in doing the same thing twice, WTF.

I’ll clean the house when it will be possible to ride a vacuum cleaner. R.Barr.

I thought it might be useful for everyone to remember to keep the point of what has already been done and what you’ll need to do.

It is also useful to actually figure out what is good to do every day, to keep the house in order and to put it down when it comes to weekly cleaning.

In the end, keeping things in order is half of the work: ( trust me, I’m a iper-disorderly person) it make look dirty even a clean home.

May the desperate housewives be with you!