Decluttering has never been so easy: ready to throw everything out?

Valentina Di Roma
Jul 16, 2017 · 4 min read

Decluttering: raise your hand who knows what it is. It means throwing away all that is not needed anymore to reorganize the home and make room for new stuff.

had promised you that July would be devoted to discovering many different ways to decorate your home in the budget, which is zero.

It is difficult, but it is not impossible. First of all you have to put yourself in the mood that to decorate your home, you do not have to change all the furniture. Just a few easy steps, to make the same room look completely new.

But there is one dilemma: to decorate and give fresh air to the house, first you have to be sure that all you don’t need anymore, disappears. Yes, you read well: disappear.

In the sense that you’ll throw it or give it, what you no longer need. Because in each of us is hiding a fussy collector, the fact is that you do not realize it.

This thing of throwing and / or giving, is called decluttering. Let’s see what it is and how it is done.


were saying, decluttering is the activity for which we go through all that’s in the house, to throw it or give it away. It is easier said than done, because we have everything we have in the house, because we are convinced that sooner or later it will be useful.

And here is the mistake: to be convinced. In most cases, you don’t rememnber anymore many of the objects you have maniacally collected and they are unused (at least) from 1 year old.

Is that true?

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Let’s start: first, get yourself a program, decide when to go for cleaning. A little bit every day? In the weekend?

Once this point has been established, you have to decide whether to go room by room or whether to act on themes, as suggested by the Kondo method. Personally, I prefer to act on themes, because I have a complete view of everything in the house, about the objects of that group.

It means: to clean up newspapers and books, candy and various accessories, shoes and bags, clothes, medicines, tricks, foods …. And so on.

Grab a container in which you can put everything you need no more and think carefully about everything you find. Resist the temptation to keep everything because, you know, this is what my grandmother gave me and if she finds out there is no more, she gets angry….

That’s my aunt’s wish card, what do I do with it? Will I look like an ungrateful one?

You can’t keep everything. You just have to keep what is really important, useful and has a really profound meaning for you. It is useless to hold 10 objects all the same. Keep one and just go.

There are a lot of things that can be thrown away: shoe boxes, Christmas greeting cards and birthdays, old bombshells, old newspapers and magazines, leaflets, old medicines, expired food and detergents, useless stuff, yellow and white pages (do you still have them????)…

Are you afraid of not being able to throw the superfluous? Use the bag method of which effective decluttering is spoken: the method is simple and infallible.


I don’t mean that you can keep it. In the sense that if it is still in good condition, but that for you it has reached the end, then you can give it away.

Dresses that you will not put on anymore(if you have never used them in a year, then their time has come), shoes that you do not like anymore.

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You can donate them for charities to nonprofit associations, or sell them to the flea markets. In this way you will also earn, so you can reinvest the money you earn for new additions.

Or you can organize a swap party between friends and not only: here is my post on how to organize a perfect one. Swaps are always a great way to recover unexpected objects and give them a second life.

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