Decorating home with zero euro: with fre eprintable frames

Valentina Di Roma

Let’s continue to decorate with the zero-budget series, with free paintings ready to print. You just need a frame in which to put them!

We continue this month’s series, decorating the house in the zero-euro budget, talking about one of the most decorating elements of the house: the paintings.

They are beautiful and give our home a touch of more, completing the set of style we wanted. However, there is one though …. Very often beautiful painters cost a little.

You do not always have the desire (or the chance) to spend so much money for a canvas to hang in your home. But the walls without a minimum of art, left behind, are not so beautiful …

Have you ever thought that you could do it yourself? You really need a few tricks to create a personal and artistic picture.


For example, you can use fabrics that you like: just pinch them to a canvas and hang it on the wall. The more the fabric is graphic, the more the effect will be decorative. Or you can reuse old postcards (here’s a post on the subject) to create ad hoc paintings.

Take inspiration from the pictures you see around and try to think about how to create a zero-euro picture. Do you like aphorisms? If you confident with online graphics software (there are some very easy to use) you can use them to create your own, absolutely personal.

You can choose the aphorism that best represents you and give it a touch of color.

But if this seems to be too much trouble, keep reading this post. That’s why I thought of giving you 9 totally free pictures, ready to print.

designed by Freepik and Vecteezy

Here they are! Nine paintings with different themes that you can use throughout your home. There are the aphorisms, paintings for the kitchen, those for the laundry … to you the choice of how to arrange them and what to print.

Almost all of them are in A4 format, the square ones have a size of 21 x 21 cm but you can also print them in different sizes. To you the choice!

Valentina Di Roma

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Interior Designer | Architecture & Art lover | Curiosity is my best friend | Always in search of design news |

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