Decorating with Autumn Part # 2: using wallpapers

Valentina Di Roma
Oct 12, 2017 · 4 min read

Among the many ways to decorate with autumn colors, there is walls decoration. But not with simple paint: with wallpapers. What do you say?

Last week I talked about some nice ideas to be able to use autumn gifts in our favor. By now you should be convinced that this is a fabulous and not depressed season, as many of you think.

Let’s find the silver lining and transform our beloved homes into warm and cozy nests, to best tackle the winter coming. What better way to use autumn colors to decorate our homes?

Are you looking for colors and decorations for your home walls? Do you know that there is not only the washable paint, right? Now, nothing against of course, but there are also alternatives.

Like wallpapers. I love them and you?


Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

Look at this photo: isn’t it beautiful? And look at those beautiful colors. Think of them on pillows, carpets and curtains: even if the light is decreasing and the cold rising, at home it will seem that summer is not over yet.

Saturated and full of light colors, which will give you the right boost to feel warm and pampered. If, however, instead of just changing the home accessories you feel inspired to dare a little more, we can think of the walls.

If you want to keep a low profile then you can safely opt for the classic washable paint and daring color accents on some home walls. But if you, like me, aim to give character to your little house, because in the end is your artwork, then there is wallpaper.

Don’t be afraid: they are no longer the ones that are hard to put and just as difficult to take away. The wall won’t come off once you decide to remove it. And no, you do not have to ask for a bank trust to buy them.

keila and pencil drawing

There are really all kinds of them, for the most timid and most daring. Let’s start calmly, for those who don’t really want a garish thing in their house (even if I never propose you something garish, to be clear).

What about classic stripes in brown pastel tones? Perfect for an entrance hall or a living room, it gives elegance and is a timeless classic.

And these beautiful leaves almost with a 3d effect? In a bedroom they would find the right place.


Davila B — Samarina A — Sitka C

Daring friends and decorative lovers, this part is for you !! We opted for a wallpaper, finally? And then let’s it be unique and eccentric.

With autumnal theme, with trees and leaves, I find some that are great for e. The first you see is somewhat in the Nordic style, with stylized trees and cool colors. Or the other two above, which refer a bit to English country houses.

In the previous post, I was talking about autumnal theme frames: the last wallpaper just does it all on its own. You won’t even need to collect the leaves to create your paintings 😉

There are thousands of themes and decorations, you just have to find the ones that fit you best. These that I have found and chosen for you are from the Wallpaper from the 70s company which has a catalog always in renovation.

There are all kinds of styles and tastes and the most beautiful thing is that you can print an A4 paper sample to see what it would look like!

The choice is all yours 😉

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