Doilies: here comes 6 delightful ideas for their creative upcycling

Valentina Di Roma

Did you thinks that grandmother’s doilies were useless and annoying as mosquitoes? Try to take a look at these ideas, I think you will be amazed!

Do you know doilies, those grandmothers and aunts passed weeks and months doing? I’m sure each one of you, at least once in life had hated them, because they are annoying.

Whenever you clean the house they have to be moved, it is to raise everything and then put it back in place .. not to mention the fact that they are always dirty.

Seriously, why do we need them to be placed under every object we have in our house?

Since everyone deserves a second chance in life, I want to show you these 6 ideas to use them creatively in your home.


If like me, you have a ton of them and don’t know where to put them, one way might be this. What we need are the round frames that were used to embroider, of all sizes.

Coupled your doilies with frames and then hung them on the wall, forming a sort of decorum.

What do you think of this wall? Romantic right?

Tattered elegance


This is definitely the easier way to use them as subjects of our frames. Choose the size of the canvas you want and glue them on, random order.

You can give a background color to the canvas and overlay doilies of different shades; or overlap a couple and paint them white.

If you prefer, you can take small frames and expose in a single doily at a time. It’s up to you.

Image credits: Laura Beth Love —


You are out and you don’t find the right runner and curtain you are looking for. It happens all the time. Never thought to have them custom-made? Sewn together your doilies and here the custom runner is made.

Even a light curtain made of crochet is an original idea to decorate perhaps a window in sight.

Image credits: — Alexandra Gardner


This is undoubtedly the easiest idea, which allows the best outcome.

You can use balloons as a basic form, or the skeletons of old lamps. Glue over your crochet, let dry, and the result is guaranteed. Dozens of different shades will be reflected on your walls, for a perfect atmosphere.


The latest idea is really simple, but for a guaranteed result. Help yourself with the spray glue and give new life to old jars or canning jars. Once dry, they will not seem even the same objects as before.

Which would you use for yours? I’m curious to see your projects!

Valentina Di Roma

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