Eduardo Kobra: art will save us all

There is a Brazilian artist who is famous worldwide for his undoubted talent and for its originality: Eduardo Kobra.

You probably don’t know him and you will never have heard of him and it’s a real shame.

It’s a shame because as soon as you will see what he is capable of, you will be amazed.


Eduardo is a native of Brazil, the city of Sao Paulo. Since he was a child he doesn’t collect big successes at school and spends time walking around the city with his neighborhood friends, called the “hip hop”.

Parks and activities for children didn’t exist in Sao Paulo, bringing teens to become part of graffiti crews.

While many of his friends have unfortunately taken the drug route, Kobra has increasingly developed his passion for graffiti.

©Eduardo Kobra
chicago state street muddy waters foto by Raymond Kunst
©Eduardo Kobra
Maya Plisetskaya Moscow

Eduardo’s parents decide to move to Bauru, away from the big city. Here Kobra resumed his studies, but soon his books become notebooks for sketches.

His love for drawing (on paper or on the wall) was likely to cost him even complaints and arrests by the authorities. Despite the difficulties and criticism of the people who urged him to find a real job, he goes in pursuit of his dream.

He had to prove them wrong.

The opportunity comes when following an arrest, a judge remains so impressed by his murals, to ask to paint one wall of the police station.

Street art has earned the respect of all, it is no longer seen as something that ruins. It happens more often than private or public institutions ask for works of these artists.

The result? Works that completely change the face to buildings and entire neighborhoods, restoring dignity to entire areas of the city.

© Eduardo Kobra
Oltharez de paz — Rio De Janeiro — Sveden
© Eduardo Kobra Tokyo — Wall “let me be myself” Amsterdam

Kobra murals have as protagonists iconic figures of the twentieth century, portraits with rich and full of energy colors.

By layering geometric shapes and patterns they become almost three dimensional designs, involving passers-watchers, who can not help but be captivated by so much beauty.

Art will save us all.