Home Staging: a practical example in Sweden will amaze you

Valentina Di Roma

Home Staging: to many it may seem like an alien word, in fact it has a very simple meaning. Presenting at best homes for sale. How do they do in Sweden? Let’s see together.

I don’t know about you, but on Facebook I see many pictures of houses for sale that are somewhat embarrassing. I don’t know how it is possible that some estate agencies still make such pictures to sell homes … But do you really think they will sell houses like this?

Living rooms full with bonbonnieres, grandmother’s photos, ninnles collected in waste dumps…. awful. If you really want to sell a house (or just rent it), you have to clean it up and it cool, a bit. People when they see it, they don’t have to think it’s yours yet. They have to imagine themselves while organizing Christmas lunches or while they are doing their homework with their children …

But in Italy we have a lot do to on this subject. There is a country in Europe that is number one when it comes to Home Staging: Sweden.

What is Home Staging? The art of preparing homes for sale and rent, so that they are neutral and impersonal and persuade people to buy them.

I found a home staged tiny-home in Sweden that is great. Wanna see it?


As I said, in Sweden real estate agencies are on another planet. Websites that look like architects sites, where you almost don’t understand if they sell or rent houses. It seems to have ended up on a furniture site instead of on a real estate agency site.

But maybe it’s just what we like: pastel colors, beautiful photos of houses that would be thought to be unreal, a cozy and warm atmosphere.

But instead … take the case of Nooks: how beautiful is the site? Be honest: you would buy or rent a home from them just because their site inspires confidence.

Wandering between the houses they offer, I found apartment 176.

Image credits: Nooks
Image credits: Nooks

The house is really tiny, of those I like so much: 33 sqm. So there is only the essential minimum. A kitchen of 180 cm, which shares space with the living area and sleeping area. A couch to rest on.

An apartment with Nordic style but also industrial and a bit vintage, with that folding table in the ‘50s.

It is true that perfection is in the details: Smeg’s fridge, heat-warming plants and vintage accessories. This really is a Home Staging masterpiece.

Perfection is in the details

Image credits: Nooks

Valentina Di Roma

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